Ok, so I just got back today form the Gaithersburg rabbit show, and we did ok. It was a 2 part, all day show. Here are the results:

Show 1 :
FGB1 (Ringo starr) - Placed 3rd out of 5
FGB2 (Pete Townsend) - placed 5th out of 5
FGB3 (Sweet Pea) - placed 8th out of 11
FGB4 (Houdini) - placed 6th out of 11
FGB5 (Flopsy) - DQ ( Chipped tooth)

Show 2:
FGBI (Ringo Starr) - 1st out of 5
FGB2 (Pete Townsend) - placed 4th out of 5
FGB3 (Sweet Pea) - 8th out of 10
FGB4 (Houdini) - placed 5th out of 10
Cheese (Cheese) - placed 3rd out of 5
MB (Mouse) - Placed 2nd out of 5

So we did about average at the rabbit show this weekend. The first judge found out that Flopsy has a chipped tooth from chewing on the wire of her cage. We are going to keep her home for the next 2 shows so she has time to recover. The tooth should grow back, and then we'll be able to begin showing her again. Below are some picture at the show. Well, now we have to start getting ready for next weeks show! I'll write again soon!

Houdini and Sweet pea cuddled together in their cage as they waited.
The BOB (Best of Breed) Flemish Giant.
The rabbits waiting to bejudged for best of breed.
Miss Mouse sitting in her box waiting to be judged. :)
Here is Lillie's and Twilight's brother Buddy! (Sorry the picture's a little fuzzy.)

05/09/2010 6:21am


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