Hello again! I just got back from the Baltimore Howard rabbit show. We did ok, but not excelent. We showed Lilly and Twiling for the first time since November, and they did really good! Here are the results below:

Light gray Junior Bucks:
FGBI (Ringo Starr) - 2nd out of 4
FGB2 (Pete Townsend) - placed 3rd out of 4

Light gray Junior Does:
FGB3 (Sweet Pea) - Placed 5th out of 5
FGB4 (Houdini) - placed 4th out of 5

Steel Senior Does:
LB (Lilly) - BOV (Best of variety)

Black Senior Does:
TB (Twilight) - BOV (Best of Variety)

The Juniors just had a bad day and couldn't beat the competition. (Then again, the competition was REALLY good.) The Seniors, on the other hand, had a great day! Both of the sisters got BOV (Best Of Variety). Some more good news is that Flopsy will now be for sale. Her tooth has compleatly healed, and she is looking for a good home!!!

I was looking around my house, and I happened to find something. My old SD card! On that card, I have so many bunnie pictures, including two videos. One video is of Smudge and her babies. The other one is very important to me, and that is a video of Lulu, two days before she passed away...

Below I will have some of the pics I took at the show, along with some of the ones on my old SD card. Feel free to look at them when I post them!



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