I just got back about an 2 hours ago from the Wills fair. We did really good, and we had a lot of fun talking to all of he other rabbit breeders. Below are the results:

Light gray Junior Bucks:
FGBI (Ringo Starr) - 1st out of 2
FGB2 (Pete Townsend) - placed 2nd out of 2

Light gray Junior Does:
FGB3 (Sweet Pea) - Placed 2nd out of 5
FGB4 (Houdini) - placed 1st out of 5

Light gray Senior Bucks:
Cheese (Cheese) - placed 1st out of 4,
BOV(Best of variety), BOS (Best opposite sex)

It was nice to have some good luck at this show since we didn't do as well at the Gaithersburg show. Mr. Cheese did really well, winning Best of Variety and Best Opposite Sex. The only rabbit that beat him was a big sandy Flemish giant Doe, whe went on to win Best Opposite Show. While we were there, we looked around at the other animals, like the ducks, chickens, cows, goats, sheep, and even dogs. ^-^ 

My friend did the best, winning BIS (Best in show) and 2nd Reserve! The rabbit that won Best In Show was a little Otter Mini Rex Buck named Opie, and the rabbit that won 2nd reserve was a little Red New Zealend. The rabbit that won BOS (Best opposite show) was a big Sandy Flemish Giant Doe owned by another one of my friends. ^-^

Now we have one more rabbit show coming up on the 22nd of May, which is the Baltimore Howard show. After that, we'll have a little break from rabbit shows. We are really trying to sell rabbits, so if you think you might be interested in owning a Big Friendly Giant, please comment or send me an E-mail! You could even meet us at the rabbit show to pick one up or look at the ones for sale.

I've got to go now! Please feel free to look at the pictures below or comment. ^-^


This is Opie, the Mini Rex that won Best Of Show.
This is the New Zealand that won 2nd Reserve. ^-^
One of the Junior Bucks being Judged. (I can't tell who it is in this picture. ^-^ )
The Judge looking at Miss Mouse. ^-^
A picture of Cheese being Judged.
Cheese's awsome colored ribbon. :D
Here's one of the goats that was staying at the Will's fair...
...and another one....
...and these two. ^-^

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