YAWN..... Good morning everyone. I just woke up, and I was so worn out. We went to the Charles Town rabbit show last night, and we didn't get back until midnight. It was a 2 hour drive, and we were at the show for at least four hours.We did have a good time though. ^-^ We sold Flopsy to a little girl atthe show, and we had a couple people that were interested in buying our rabbits too. We did ok at the show, but we didn't get show cards, so I can't tell you how we did, except that Twlight got BOV(Best Of Variety). ^-^ While we were at the show, we celebrated my friend's birthday. Her birthday was last week, but still, we celebrated it. ^-^

Yay! Our new rabbit cages are almost done!!! All we have to do is add shingles, move them into place, and put rabbits in them! I got to pick out the color that we painted it, and I chose a dark green. Here, I'll post some pictures of one of them. ^-^ We are thinking about making cages to sell to people, but I have to talk about it some more with my dad. E-mail or comment if you are interested! The more people that are interested, the more likely he will sell them!

Ok, I've got to go check on the rabbits. Bye!

Sorry the paint is in the cage. ^-^ This is a full picture of the cage.
Sorry this is sideways. ^-^
The cages also have side doors that open and close so they can get fresh air.
This is one cage. It is four feet wide and 18 inches tall.

06/26/2010 1:34pm

I love you new cages. They look great & I love the idea of the sides that can fold down for more air ventilation.

06/27/2010 8:58am

Thanks. ^-^ My dad and I came up with the design.


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